Carpet Cleaning

Create a healthier environment for your family

Your carpets are like time capsules of everything that happens inside your home. From children and pets running through, to food and drinks dripping from plates, to everything that is tracked in on the family’s shoes, your carpets see incredible traffic.

Deep cleaning helps to remove pollen, dirt, dust, and germs that create dank smells and put your family at risk of health consequences. Get in touch with us for an appointment.

Convenient cleaning for your rugs

Oriental rugs are beautiful accents for your home, but they can also be delicate and difficult to clean. We offer pickup and delivery services for your rugs for efficient, reliable clean that protects your rugs to keep them at their best.

Love your furry friends even more

You love your pets, but not when they leave your carpet stained and smelling musty. Give us a call to discuss pet odor removal and let us refresh your carpets so your pets stay beloved members of your family, not risks to the health and comfort of your home.

Reclaim your space from the storm

Storms and flooding can put your home or business at serious risk caused by prolonged exposure to water. Let us help you reclaim your space with water extraction, basement dryinghard floor cleaning, and more. Emergency services are available 24 hours a day.

If you need professional carpet cleaning in Bergen County NJ, A Able Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning is standing by. Even though your carpet may be under your feet, it doesn’t mean it’s something to take for granted. Your carpets are valuable, and protecting your investment is important.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Company In Bergen County NJ

If you want the very best for your home and family, relying on experienced carpet cleaners in Bergen County NJ is important. Most homeowners are shocked to find out how dirty their carpets actually are. They can become home to dust and allergens, causing health problems in the long term for both humans and pets.

Trusted Carpet Cleaners

If you’re a business owner, calling a trusted commercial carpet cleaning company in Bergen County NJ is a wise investment. Having a clean space is important for employee morale, as well as making a favorable first impression on clients and other visitors. Regular cleaning also ensures a healthier working environment for anyone in your space.

Carpet Cleaning In Bergen County NJ

While you may think that cleaning your carpets is a great idea for a DIY job, it pays to call a professional carpet cleaning company in Bergen County NJ. This way you can be sure that your carpets are protected, and that the cleaning is thorough. We also have all the professional equipment necessary to get the job done.